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Hometown Chiropractic Center Success Stories

We Trust and Love the Care

“I have made to Alli’s health. My daughter, as well as myself, have come to trust and love the care she receives, and I feel that the team at Hometown Chiropractic are like family. It is the genuine care and concern, on top of the quality care, that sets them apart and means the most to Alli!”

We trust the love and care

Loves Getting Her Bones Tickled

“Since coming to Hometown, we have a much happier child who loves getting her bones tickled and asks to go to the chiropractor every day.”

happier child

Xander Is a Happier Kid

“I want to go to the doctor on this side of the street, not the other side of the street!” Xander definitely loves coming here, he always feels much better, his body works better, and overall is a happier kid.”

Xander loves coming here

My Baby is Feeling Better, Sleeping Better

“We brought her in to see the Hometown Chiropractic Center team and noticed that her cough is gone and she is feeling better. She is even sleeping through the night!”

my infant cough is gone

My Kids Are Healthy, Thanks to Chiropractic Care

“My kids are healthy and I give credit to their chiropractic care. They have had constant chiropractic care from infants until now. Any time they start with an illness or begin to come down with anything, our first step is to get them into the chiropractor, to make sure the longevity of the illness is shortened.”

our first step is to get them into the chiropractor

Very Welcoming and Patient

Family“I started bringing myself and my children to the chiropractor about 8 months ago. I had pain in my hip and back. My youngest son had some bed wetting issues and my other two children are in school and I wanted them to be able to learn at their full potential. Since we have started coming, I have seen change in all our health. The children have not had as much illnesses and my youngest’s bed wetting has become less frequent and has just about stopped. I have also had a lot less pain. I would recommend chiropractic care to everyone to help them live at their best. The ladies at Hometown Chiropractic Center are amazing. They work so well with my children. They are very welcoming and patient. They also are very informative about how they care for you and your families.”

So Many Positive Physical and Emotional Changes

Family“Growing up in a chiropractic family, we have known the many health benefits of chiropractic care for some time. That is why our family continues to receive chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is an essential part of your health. Our family has seen so many positive physical and emotional changes in our lives with getting adjusted regularly! Dr. Grace and staff are very welcoming and positive! They continue to listen to the needs of our family and are very accommodating. We are glad we found the connection here at Hometown Chiropractic Center so we can stay a well-adjusted family!”

Our Quality of Lives Have Improved

Family“I started coming to the chiropractor because I was having neck pain that I was unable to get under control. Once coming here, Dr. Grace suggested that my children get adjusted as well. I never realized how many different things chiropractor care could help my family with until coming to Hometown Chiropractic. Since being under care, I have noticed my neck pain is feeling so much better, my children are sleeping better and carrying themselves with better posture as well. But most of all, all our quality of lives have improved! All of the staff at Hometown are amazing to both my kids and I and we all look forward to coming to the chiropractor!”

Beneficial to Us in Many Ways

Family“I started coming to the chiropractor a couple years ago because of my MS, lower back pain and constant headaches. It has helped with the pins and needles in my leg. I have better balance and my overall pain has been less and less while under chiropractic care. My son also comes to the chiropractor. He first started coming due to headaches and his upper back being sore. We both no longer have headaches anymore. Chiropractic care has been beneficial to us in many ways. I would recommend everyone to give it a try. We both enjoy coming to Hometown Chiropractic Center and the care we receive from the team as a whole.”

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